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The Realtor’s Guide to Marketing to Millennials

Ah, millennials; the bane of marketers' existence. These fickle consumers are now approaching the stage in life where they're considering purchasing homes, and marketing to millennials as a Realtor is a whole new ball game. If you're unsure where to even start with the process of selling to this up-and-coming generation of home buyers, we've got a quick guide to get you started.

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It’s Showtime! Real Estate Presentation Tips

ixact_real-estate-presentationLet's suppose that you are hired to speak to 250 people and make a strong presentation.

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Top Headlines from NAR Annual Conference

narannual15-headlinesEach year's NAR Annual conference is always a flurry of announcements and educational sessions. Judging by the way the endless news releases burned up our RSS feeds, this year's conference in San Diego was no.

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3 Tips for Social Media Success for Real Estate Agents

SocialMediaSuccess_01-19_blogIt's hard to figure out why there are still real estate agents who don't include social media objectives in their business plans.

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7 Brilliant Tips on How You Can Create the Perfect Listing Video


Do you struggle with creating eye-catching, engaging videos for your listings?

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Ludlam Trail Could Expand Miami Green Space, Lift Property Values

Miami-Dade County planners recently proposed a reconfigured plan to turn an old rail line into a six-mile long bikeway path, a project that not only would bring another signature green space to the area but potentially lift nearby property values and encourage commercial development.

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Top 10 Most Popular Articles of October

pumpkin_blue-bg"Communication" was the theme of October, at least judging from our list of the most read articles of the month.

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Find Your Dream Team in 2016: Part 1

Here are five ideas for setting agent recruitment and retention priorities as you write next year’s business plan.
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WAKE UP BROKERS! Hablas Espanol?

mapToday, 85% of homebuyers are white, but that is changing rapidly in America.

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116 Common Real Estate Abbreviations

CommonAbbreviations_03-30_blogPop quiz! Do you know what this says?

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How to Motivate Top, Middle, and Bottom Performers

teammotivationI started listening to a new podcast called Hidden Brain by NPR. It discusses and breaks down the hidden intricacies of the human mind.